Products Overview

Device Designer - ESD

The ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) product package is designed to solve a variety of simulation problems including design and optimization of ESD protection circuits, circuit-level and device-level analysis of various semicoductor devices, generation of design rules and failure analysis, etc.

The product is capable of performing a transient analysis of a multi-transistor circuit incorporating physical-level effects. Common applications of this package are ESD, latch-up, substrate noise coupling, power device/circuit analysis, etc.

This is the complete circuit-device simulation package, it includes all related Sequoia tools such as Mixed-Mode, Lattice Heating, Schematic Capture/Editing, Device Wizard for structure creation/meshing, Visualization, etc.

Device Designer

Integrated TCAD system for semiconductor device design and optimization. Includes a framework for data and simulation management, visualization, mesh generation and device simulation in one tightly integrated easy-to-use package.

Device Designer - MixedMode

MM (Mixed-Mode) adds mixed-level circuit-device simulation capabilities to Device Designer. Multiple physical level devices can be connected to a circuit with passive circuit elements and a self-consistent steady-state or transient simulation is carried out. MM is available as part of the ESD package.

Device Designer - LT

The LT (Lattice Temperature - Semiconductor Self-Heating) product adds self-heating capabilities to SEQUOIA Device Designer. LT is available as part of the ESD package.

SEQUOIA Cell Designer - SCD

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) software includes state-of-the art lithography modeling and advanced analysis of electrical performance variation due to process effects and manufacturing constraints